14 Jun Reggaeton La Clave

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Reggaeton La Clave is a fascinating musical documentary film about the similarities between two types of music genres known today as Salsa and Reggaeton. This doc includes the hottest stars of reggaeton as well as the old school greats of salsa; salsa icons such as Ruben Blades, Johnny Pacheco, Willie Colon, Ismael Miranda, Gilberto SantaRosa and on the reggaeton side we interviewed billboard chart – topping artists such as Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, Hector “El Father”.These artists all came together with the same purpose to discuss how two different styles of music can have so much in common and how their music is all composed under “La Clave,” the five-note two-bar rhythm pattern which generates rhythmic measurement and is the foundation and backbone of Salsa (and all Afro-Cuban based music). They also take you on an extraordinary journey back in time to the roots that influenced all of these different types of music, which is AFRICA and its rhythm of “drums and percussion.”MV5BNzcxMDg0NjIyNl5BMl5BcG5nXkFtZTgwODUxNTg0MjE@._V1_

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