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Synergetic distributes films, documentaries and episodic content to theaters, online platforms, and television around the world

The Evolution of Distribution

We are all witnessing a dramatic revolution of how we watch movies and television. Viewing habits are at an all-time high, and aren’t slowing down, as more people have access to content via mobile devices, smart televisions, and the internet in general. With a seemingly infinite stream of new content hitting our homes, the question is no longer when to watch, but what. At Synergetic, we are up to the challenges of releasing new content into the marketplace every day, from a rigorous curation process in acquiring films to a granular study of marketing and release strategies for each title. Overall, our services include a professional approach to selecting, branding, presenting, and marketing our titles.

Our distribution services offer a worldwide reach to buyers and consumers. At a time of unprecedented change in our industry, it is key to have a partner “in the trenches” of this transition, be it corresponding with major platforms or introducing titles to new monetization avenues.

Everybody’s doing it. There really isn’t a demographic that hasn’t watched video online at this point. The latest 2016 numbers show over 52% of video watch is on mobile, that consumption levels of video is at the highest in our industry’s history, and that it will continue to grow each year throughout the decade. At Synergetic, we have established great relationships with all the major platforms, and keep abreast of burgeoning platforms, to keep monetization steady. Our releases can be found on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, Google, and many more.

Regardless of changing technologies, the theatrical release is still the flagship of the industry for movies. Although a very high risk/high reward scenario, a successful box office opens the floodgates of enhanced home entertainment ROI and international appeal. If you have a film that needs theatrical representation, or have a film that you are considering for a release, feel free to reach out to us in our contact section, and we will give free consultation after reviewing your film.

Perhaps more people are cutting the cord from traditional broadcast subscriptions, but this hasn’t daunted television partners from staying relevant, and monetizing via new digital technologies. Besides traditional licensing deals, Synergetic can release titles via the robust Cable VOD space, such as InDemand, Dish Network, Comcast Xfnity, Vubiquity, Direct TV, and more specialized programming such as Shudder (horror) and Sundance. If you would like to approach said networks, feel free to reach out to us via our submission form.

The Evolution of Distribution

All sectors of our industry have been deeply affected by the online revolution, but international sales have perhaps seen the widest transition as online platforms permeate international territories. Netflix shook the world in January 2016 when they announced that they would be available around the world, but this was merely the beginning stages of a much larger trend. iTunes is already global. Amazon can now offer releases in the USA, UK, Germany, and Japan concurrently. There are many domestic online platforms that reach the international audience, and likewise, new and exciting international online services that are available domestically. If you have a title that needs international attention, and are looking for new-founded digital monetization as mentioned above, or more traditional territory licensing representation, feel free to submit an inquiry in our contact form and we will be happy to respond.

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